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Make Davenport & Scott Solicitors Limited your first port of call for residential conveyancing in the Lake District and the surrounding areas. Simply put, conveyancing is the transfer of legal ownership of property or land from one to another. Whether you are a first-time buyer, upsizing or downsizing, or buying a home or a property investment, our team in Ambleside, Cumbria, can expertly guide you through the process with a sensible fixed fee for standard work. Get in touch today for further information.

The Conveyancing Process


1. You instruct us to act for you and provide us with the appropriate documents as requested together with funds for searches.

2. We will identify you in compliance with the Anti-Money Laundering Regulations 2017 and discuss all requirements with you.

3. We request the contract pack from the seller’s conveyancer and then review it.

4. Pre-contract searches are ordered.

5. We will analyse the contract and title documentation together with the Property Information Form and where appropriate the Leasehold Information Form, the Fittings and Contents Form as provided by the Sellers and raise any relevant enquiries. We will raise further enquiries following the Search results if required.

6. We will check that the Title is ‘good’ and not defective in any way, consider replies to enquiries raised, approve the draft Contract and draft the Transfer Deed.

7. We will report to you with the Contract for you to sign, in readiness for Exchange of Contract. This is the point at which all parties are legally bound to proceed, and no one can change their mind without incurring severe penalties. We will also ask you to transfer the deposit funds, normally 10% of the purchase price, at this point if you do not have a connected sale. If, however, you are part of a chain of transactions the deposit will be provided by your buyers if it is sufficient. We will discuss with you suitable dates to Exchange Contracts and Complete the transaction.

8. Once we have funds, we will pay the deposit to the seller’s solicitor. Upon receipt, we will exchange contracts.

9. We will send the Completion Information Form and Requisitions to the seller’s conveyancer to complete.

10. Pre-completion searches will be ordered.

11. We will prepare a Completion Statement and report to your Mortgage Lender with a Certificate of Title and request for mortgage funds if you are getting a mortgage.

12. Upon the completion day monies will be sent to the Sellers solicitors and release of the keys via the estate agents confirmed to you to pick up.

13. We will carry out the post-completion work which includes submitting the Stamp Duty Land Tax return and paying any Stamp Duty and subsequently registering you as the new owners at the Land Registry. Once the registration is complete, we will forward you a copy of the Land Registry Title.


1. You instruct us to act for you and provide us with the appropriate documents as requested together with any information that we request about the property.

2. We prepare the draft Contract, deduce the Title, and will need you to complete the Property Information Form, Fixtures and Fittings Form and where appropriate Leasehold Information Form to provide to the purchaser’s conveyancer.

3. We reply to any enquiries received.

4. We will agree on the draft Contract.

5. We will report to you with the Contract for you to sign, in readiness for Exchange of Contract, and discuss with you suitable dates to proceed to Exchange Contracts and Complete the transaction. Again, as with a purchase, once all parties and agreed and Contracts have been exchanged with a completion date agreed upon, all parties are legally bound to proceed, and no one can change their minds.

6. We will complete and return the Completion Information Form and Requisitions to the purchaser’s conveyancer and approve the draft Transfer.

7. Any mortgage redemption statements will need to be obtained.

8. We will proceed to Complete the matter.

9. The post-completion work will involve paying off any mortgage, obtaining confirmation of that repayment from the Mortgage Lender and supplying it to the purchaser’s solicitor to whom we will have had to give a legal Undertaking to do so, subsequent preparation of your Statement and accounting to you for the proceeds of sale.

Please Note

On average, it takes approximately 12 weeks from instruction to completion. However, there are sometimes unforeseen circumstances that can delay a matter, and we will always endeavour to complete transactions as early as possible.

Efficient Residential Conveyancing

Whether it’s a home sale or a property investment, we are highly experienced in residential conveyancing.

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