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Completing Probate Services and Estate Administration in Cumbria and the Lake District

Based in Ambleside, Cumbria, our lawyers provide empathetic and effective services during this very sad and often stressful time. Get in touch today to find out how we can help. Assisting in Applying for a Grant of Probate, whether the Deceased had a Will or, if not, applying for Letters Of Administration of their Estate. Paying All Known Debts and Liabilities at the Date of Death from Funds received.

Comprehensive Services

Combining compassion and legal expertise, our experienced team assist with the smooth process of estate administration from start to finish, including:

Probate - Comprehensive Services -1

  • Understanding If Probate Is Required to Administer the Estate

  • Assisting in Applying for a Grant of Probate, Whether The Deceased Had a Will or Letters Of Administration

  • Obtaining Valuations of the Estate

  • Calculating All Tax Liabilities and Completing Administration for:

Probate - Comprehensive Services - 2

  • Inheritance Tax

  • Income Tax

  • Capital Gains Tax

Probate - Comprehensive Services - 3

  • Paying All Known Debts and Liabilities at the Date of Death from Funds

  • Cashing in All Assets, including Any Sale of Property

  • Preparing Estate Accounts to Confirm What Funds Have Been Received and Paid out

  • Distributing the Estate in accordance with the Will (or Rules of Intestacy If There Is No Will)

Additionally, it is frequently possible to obtain funds to settle funeral accounts and other immediate expenses before the Grant is made.

Lake District

Changing a Will

In some cases, it is desirable to change a Will. Under certain circumstances, with the full consent of Beneficiaries, we will advise and draft the appropriate documentation to make any changes. Please note that should you undertake probate without employing a specialist, you may be personally financially liable for any breach of your duty, even if it is by way of a genuine mistake!.

Considerate Estate Administration

Our lawyers take the utmost care in delivering estate administration and probate services.

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